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Default possible primes (real primes & products)

Information for people intested in prime numbers:
For more than 20 years I have studied the structure of prime numbers
(incl. Mersenne primes). It is indeed a rather easy job to to find "real primes"
greater than 30402457 or greater than 2596451, but it is more difficult
to show that the corresponding "Mersenne possible primes" are "Mersenne
real primes". In reality the solution of both tasks depends on proving the existence or non-existence of integer solutions to second order equations.
If you are interested, you are welcome to contact me.
It is about time to redefine the present (ancient) definition of primes.
The integers 2 and 3 are not "possible primes". It follows, that Goldbach's
conjecture is incorrect. Fermat did not fully recognize the consequences of his small theorem. It is easy to prove in a brief statement, that Fermat's
last theorem is correct. Euler did not draw the final conclusion to
"Euler's product", showing the exact link between pi and the real primes.
Riemann's zeta function depends on this link.
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