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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
When test-sieving a quartic against an octic, it is absolutely essential to compare a wide range of Q values. As you observed here, the yield from the octic drops off massively at higher Q. This doesn't happen nearly as much with a quartic. Picking a single low Q value for the comparison will always make the octic look better and the quartic worse than they really are.
Fair enough - the yield ratio at Q=100M was almost 2:1 for the octic vs quartic but I’ll run a full q-range for the quartic.

Neither a large quartic nor a "small" octic should sieve with the same lim/LP size on both sides. Comparing the two is interesting, since the side to imbalance reverses for octic vs quartic; I wonder if a total mirror-image of params, like 32/34 vs 34/32, is the way to compare the two.

You should pick the LP size that best avoids the low-yield large Q for the octic- it's not like 33/34 is going to make a notably larger matrix than 33/33, but it could shrink max-Q by 10%. I wonder if 32/34 is faster than 33/33, too.
As mentioned, I did run this as a 32/33 job and considered 32/34 but did not try this last scenario. The ever increasing matrix size scared off me but I’ll take another look.
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