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Originally Posted by bdodson View Post
The Gerbils, in their wisdom, didn't consult me on re-admitting you to the forum; if they had, I'd have suggested a somewhat longer probation;
say, long enough to finish that second Cunningham you've had reserved
for months.
Mea culpa.

The consultation was with me, as I'd posted an article telling him everything he needs to know to find good NFS parameters for his factorization. Posting a succinct pointer to it seemed a less bad alternative to enduring several more months of whinging.

Raman: my earlier advice to you stands. Come back here after you have factors and not before. Not everyone here is a soft hearted/headed (choose 1) as I am and I assure you that our collective tolerance is still extremely low. You will find period of quiet contemplation will serve you very well indeed. Meditation has a lot to recommend it.

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