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Originally Posted by Raman View Post
... I can contribute many things to this forum.
Please give me chance to show off my good behaviour. Please co-operate.
What is the purpose of factoring of 6,305- otherwise?
I'm replying against my better judgement; not wishing to have my email
filtering software burdened by months of email bombs from you, again. While
there may be many things you can contribute, I'd like to make a suggestion,
intended to be helpful: consider _not_ replying to some of the posts you
have an interest in. I find many posts with things that I could comment on;
but readers of the forum have heard my comments before and/or other
people do just as well at replying. If you feel that you just have to post
your comment on everything that floats by --- without considering whether
it's actually a positive (i.e., not negative) contribution --- readers will
tire from hearing from you sooner, rather than later.

The Gerbils, in their wisdom, didn't consult me on re-admitting you to the
forum; if they had, I'd have suggested a somewhat longer probation;
say, long enough to finish that second Cunningham you've had reserved
for months. Peace, bdodson
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