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Originally Posted by aokle View Post
Hi EdH,
Think you for your help.
I'm a little uncertainty:
"poly_deadline=300 1,3000"
"poly_deadline=300 3001,6000"
"poly_deadline=300 6001,9000"

when I excute "./msieve --help". some like that:
poly_deadline=X stop searching after X seconds (0 means search forever)
X,Y same as 'min_coeff=X max_coeff=Y'

but I stil do not understand:
the coeff range is 1-9000 ?
max_coeff(9000) can be another integer at your case?

Think you.
Hi aokle,

If you run an instance without the min/max_coeff, the coefficient value is chosen at random from 1 through the max_coeff that is chosen by msieve based on the composite. If you are running multiple machines there is a "slight" chance of more than one running the same coeff. To prevent this in my example, I set each machine to use a unique range. That way all the randoms of one are outside all the randoms of the others. As the composite gets larger, the max_coeff for the entire group of machines gets larger, but it is divided between all the machines using the min_coeff=,max_coeff==.

The poly_deadline chosen was just for the example size composite. With three machines searching, that was roughly equal to 15 minutes of searching across all three machines. In practice, I choose the total time I want to search and divide that by the number of machines I'll be using, similar to the max/min_coeffs.

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