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Originally Posted by JM Montolio A View Post

Define M(n) as:

for (p^e), M( p^e ) = M(p)*(p ^ (e-1) )

for (m,n ) coprimes, M(n*m)= (M(n)*M(m))/(mcd(M(n),M(m))

for p prime, p | (2^M(p)-1)
I object, on the following grounds:

(1) The requirement p | (2^M(p)-1) is not a definition. Assuming M(p) takes positive integer values, M(2) is problematic. The only possible integer value of M(2) is zero. For odd p, M(p) merely has to be divisible by the multiplicative order of 2 (mod p).

(2) The expression (mcd(M(n),M(m)) has an extra left parenthesis.

(3) The function mcd() is undefined. Do you perhaps mean gcd() (greatest common divisor)?
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