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I'm surprised at how little is known about PFGW. How have people been starting new bases? Manually with srsieve and LLR or Phrot? I hope not. That is hard and takes too much time!

IMHO, PFGW with the stop-on-prime option set on is the only reasonable way to start a new base. You could sieve ALL k's below the conjecture immediately and let srsieve eliminate the k's with trivial factors but you'd still have a file that you'd want LLR/Phrot/PFGW/whatever to stop processing a k once it found a prime. Else, you'd have to eliminate tons of k's manually yourself if the conjecture was big...not something that I want to do.

I'm asking because is there some other reasonable way to start a new base that's possibly good that I'm not aware of?
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