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If you have a Colab Pro account and, in the light of the last evolution of the things, got the idea to unsubscribe (i.e. stop the payments for the next months) DON'T do that, until the last day of your (monthly) subscription.

We unsubscribed from 3 Pro accounts yesterday, i.e. stopped the payments for the following months, but for this month the money are already paid, and all of the accounts are still "Pro" till the current subscription period ends (on October). However, immediately after that, we lost the T4 cards on all the accounts in the following hours, and couldn't get ANY GPU, for more than 30 hours, it says that there are none available, in spite of the fact that the account is still Pro, and we connected with two (different) free accounts that both got k80s (kicked out after 3-4 hours, but yet, WTF?!...)

This evening, one of the Pro got a T4 kicked out after 19 minutes (did TF with Chris), and another one got a K80 which is still running P-1 for about half hour (still going). The third one has yet to be successful in getting a GPU, after a lot of trials.

So, if you were thinking about stopping your subscription, do that in the last day of the period. Gugu is a bitch...

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