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I'd like to pose a question that is at least somewhat relevant in this thread. Do you support the concept of suicide being an individual right? In other words, does a person have the right to choose whether or not to kill him or her self?
Social acceptance depends on the method chosen and how long it takes and how it affects others. Rapid highly effective methods are frowned upon, while slow uncertain methods are tolerated if not encouraged. Consider that in parts of the developed world, the primary causes of death relate to abuse of too much food, or alcohol, or tobacco, or other substances, generally over long periods of time. Deliberately eating much more than the recommended or needed caloric intake for decades is not regarded as suicide, but surely increases risk of some of the top causes of death. Some even encourage this and take it as an affront if a family member does not sufficiently (over)indulge. "Mange, mange!" Excessive intake of alcohol increases risk of "accidentally" driving into a sturdy obstacle, falling down a flight of stairs or mistakenly jumping multiple stories, falling into a river and drowning, or fatally aspirating one's own vomit. Etc. "How about one for the road?" No. Nicotine and other drug addictions also have well publicized predictable frequently fatal outcomes over time. I think if there was an accurate adding up of what fraction of the deaths from the leading causes was from self destructive choices, we'd find that sum to dwarf the nominal suicide rate, which is counted from fast methods.
The top 5, heart disease, cancer, accidents, lower respiratory disease, stroke, total
~1.72 million annually in the USA. Compare to the nominal suicide total by all fast methods, ~47,200. Even a mere 3% of that 1.7 million exceeds the nominal suicide count. And probably some part of the >83,000 deaths from the #7 cause diabetes also enter into the count attributable to slow suicide. There was a recent fatality nearby of a motorcyclist striking the back of a stopped automobile on a highway. Accident, or suicide? Many vehicles had slowed or stopped because of a large bird crossing the road, a common occurrence in the area, due to wetlands and lakes near the highway and a widespread appreciation of nature.
I think you're being unduly pessimistic in estimating that 1% would try to take a lot of others with them after having chosen to end their own life somehow. Somewhere between 47000 and maybe ten times that annually don't.

Robin Williams' predicament was presaged in a different form by a Richard Dreyfus movie I wish that there had been some effective treatment for Robin, so that he could have remained longer and blessed us with more of his genius.

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