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Default Searching for some beta testers after the easter weekend


my plan to test a new server for the llrnet starting after the easter weekend. There would run some k/n pairs for k not in the PSP scope. the size starts with around n=300000. The purpose of the testt is to check the stability of my setup before we move the production server over to the new platform. I would need in total about four PCs running 24/7 to have enough load to see if everything works fine. Please be warned that there is a chance that the system does not run stable enough and so your machine could run out of work.

No we can not use PSP double check tasks as the residues for the low n tests would not be comparable.

I will use my home machine so i am open for another three PCs. If we find a prime while doing the test it would be big enough to enter the top 5000.

Plaese send a post here if you are willing to help. I will send the contact information as soon as i have everything set up.


P.S. this will be the new server where the whole DB (and stats) should find their home later in the year.
P.P.S It will have a static IP so no more problems with no-ip
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