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Originally Posted by frmky View Post
I know this is late, but if you still have this data set up, try
mpirun -np 2 msieve -nc2 1,2 -v -t 20
After 1% elasped, the ETA is:

-np 2 1x2 -t 20: 3 hrs 9 min
-np 4 1x4 -t 10: 2 hrs 48 min
-np 5 1x5 -t 8: 3 hrs 49 min
-np 8 1x8 -t 5: 2 hrs 50 min
The 1x5 time is not surprising as one of the processes is split across sockets. Of the others that split evenly, more processes with fewer threads each appear to be a bit better.
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