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Originally Posted by dcheuk View Post
I really like the clean Andriod though on the Pixel, but question: doesn't owning a Google phone screams "Google owns you now?" since they have all my location, email, contacts, calls and messaging history?
Yes it does. You can take steps to de-google an android device (obviously not as good as not using one but it's something) and if you think this way you probably should. Root the device, replace the google apps with FOSS alternatives from F-Droid (the reason google don't need to modify android with their own bloatware is because it's already included), use a separate google account just for this device (compartmentalise your digital footprint so they at least have to work to connect the dots). Spend an hour locking every apps permissions and wonder why half of them need access to your text messages. Disable location, NFC, Sync, all the usual suspects. Then simply smash your phone with a hammer and get an old Nokia, problem solved.
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