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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
It takes very long to poly search on a c120.
With the default parameters:
nfs(a120digitnumber) only a few coeffs are done in 15mins. Somehow the deadline per coefficient seems way too high?
I guess I'm not following exactly. Your post shows that it searched leading coefficient range from 8192 to over 16000, so it searched 8000-ish coefficients.

Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post

In the end it finds a few polys.
Did you look in the resulting nfs.dat.p file? That has all of the polynomials that it found. (It's deleted when the job finishes though.) In the test I just did (on linux), with 12 threads over 21 minutes it found 1200 polynomials. I'm running again on windows after a fresh compile with an updated msieve (svn 1028). Not done yet, but it's looking similar so far to the linux run.

Is 15-20 minutes too much for a c120? I've not kept up with this as much lately so I'd be happy to adjust the deadlines if they are not right.
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