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I am pleased to announce a sieving framework that encompasses many of the sieving programs I have written over the years. I call this framework mtsieve, short for multi-threaded sieve. You can get more information about from here.

Bundled with that framework are working 64-bit Windows versions of afsieve, mfsieve, pixsieve, fbncsieve, gfndsieve, and xyyxsieve. cksieve is also included, but doesn't work yet. It will take me a few days to get that working correctly. A makefile is included, so these programs can be built on OS X and Linux.

You are probably wondering why you should switch. The most important reason is that all of these support multi-threading (what I call workers) out of the box. The previous version of most of these programs did not have any support for multiple cores. Also of note is that fbncsieve (with one thread) is about 20% faster than the previous version of fbncsieve thanks to a optimization I borrowed from gfndsieve.

As always there might be some bugs, but I have done enough smoke testing for everything included (except cksieve) to feel confident that they are working.

Over the coming weeks I will be refining the documentation and fixing cksieve and addressing any issues that are reported. I expect a few issues, but not many. After that I will delve into porting the various OpenCL versions of my programs to this framework. I do not how I will do that yet, but I'm thinking about it.
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