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Default Firefox copies Microsoft, makes downgrades into necessary upgrades

Firefox updated to Quantum, and I notice the difference immediately.

I absolutely have to open the sidebar to access my normal bookmarks. I don't know if this is a last second screwup, or maybe a monkey chooses what the best choices are, but this is royally f***ed up. I notice I can access my recently made bookmarks just fine, it's just my ACTUAL BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR that I have to open in the sidebar.

I'm sure there's awesome stuff about the update, supposedly it's half the lag of the last one,soooooo, yeah, that's awesome. But I want my bookmarks back where they were.

When bookmarks go well, life goes well. I need my bookmarks back where they were.

(Yes, this post is more nutty than I actually feel, but I'm still quite annoyed)
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