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Thank you Bob for your reply.
There are a few misunderstandings I would like to clear up.

I have no teachers, it has been a few decades since I finished school, and I have no formal education in mathematics. Just plain high school math and what I have picked up here and there, because I am interested in this subject.

I guess, this would be enough for someone to stop taking me seriously, and calling me a crank /English Slang Dictionary: "a mentally deranged person"/

Well, my mental derangement (insanity) has been good enough for obtaining Mensa membership. It is no big deal, but they are not famous for having mentally handicapped members....

Yes, I do lack the necessary knowledge. I wish I had it, because then I wouldn't have to ask for help, I could work out things for myself.
Math is my hobby. I like trying to find solutions for difficult problems, and I refuse to feel bad about it. Also, I don't mind making a fool of myself, because that is part of the process.

I have a few ideas that might be new and interesting, and if so, I would like to share it with other people. That's why I am looking for someone who could tell me if the ideas I have are new or old, and in case they are useful, how could they be improved?
I don't intend to continue studying at my age, but I don't think that I should be silenced just because I am not an expert.

I had this idea on how to make a filter for primes. It is similar to Eratosthenes' Sieve, but different....
I haven't seen it anywhere, and it is slow, but I think it has potential. It could be streamlined to make it more efficient.
Even so, it should be of interest for someone who is into this subject.

Because I am a layperson, it has been written and explained in plain English, but so far everybody was able to understand the method.

I know that you are a very busy person, but it would be an honour if you would agree to take a look at it. Maybe when you see my idea you will change your mind about me. It is not earthshattering, not perfect, not even fast enough to revolutionize the search for primes, but I hope you will see the uniqueness of it.

I have posted it on my webpage. If you agree I will send you the URL.


p.s. sorry for my mistakes, English is my second language.
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