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Originally Posted by wblipp
This isn't fourth grade. This is not an appropriate approach for asking a famous mathematican, even a crotchety famous mathematician, to review your work.

I haven't followed closely, but if I recall correctly, Bob's comments on your work have fallen into two categories. One category was that you haven't yet learned the fundamentals of measuring complexity. The other is that you seem to be unaware of related published work. I don't see any indication that you have addressed either of these issues.

Famous people are inundated with nonsense from cranks. If you want a slice of their time, you need to clearly distinguish yourself from those cranks. "Calling him out" isn't a very effective strategy for improving your positioning.
None of my business, but the famous mathematician could perhaps explain what is wrong with the other person's reasoning concretely....

Like: You said this, but this is wrong because of ....whatever.

Instead, he is talking in a condescending tone of voice about go and read this, and you are too ignorant, etc.
Just like he would say: I know you will walk into my trap. I know what is wrong, but I am not going to tell you, because I want to teach you a lesson!
And the lesson is that you are not allowed to have ideas, unless you have studied as much as I did and followed all my instructions....

I am sure BOB is a very knowledgable and smart man, but he thinks we are dumb students and he is the teacher. This is wrong. This here is a platform where people with the same interest get together. Everybody is on a different level, and we teach each other or learn from each other.

BOB would be right if he would reprimand a student for not studying, because he is wasting the time and money of the university, but he can't do the same to people who come here with original or not so original ideas.
There is a nice way of telling someone why is he wrong. Nobody likes to be treated like dirt.

Just my 2 cents.
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