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Originally Posted by Batalov View Post
Have you kept all intermediates? I have an offer for you that you can't refuse!
I have run on and off a certain search for which I need many approximately this sized primes. You will have 0.5 of a prime if it works, of course. PM me if interested.
I have in the past similarly contacted the Hungarians (as DavidB called them, see positions #6,7,8) and other twin searchers, as well as I've processed all of my position #5 interim half-primes.
Offer accepted

If anyone's interested in my lresults files and/or the raw sieve file (k=20M - 60020M, n=198800, p=3200T, about 18 million untested k/n pairs), PM me, and I'll send you the link if you'll agree to share credit for any notable primes found.
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