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Default Multi CPU installation using GUI client ?

I'm trying to set up a multi-CPU (4) installation under Windows, using the GUI client.

I initially ran the install program from the NFSNET folder using the GUI in 'visible' mode as documented.

I then created the processors/p1 thru processors/p3 folders, and copied and edited the config.txt files per the multi client instructions.

The problem starts when I need to start the 4 clients. Since the Gui needs a unique nfsGUI.ini file for each CPU, I copied the nfsGUI.exe to each px folder, started it, and ran the config on each one, pointing to the shared client folder and the unique px folder. I verified that each nfsGUI.ini file has the correct folder information.

When I start the GUI client from each folder, it always wants to use the information in the p0 folder. If I start the second or third client, it just bombs, most likely because of the lock file in the p0 folder.

What's the trick to get 4 clients running?

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