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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Grab This is a pre-pre-pre-alpha v25 version. Its ability to read v24 save files and v24 worktodo files is untested.
It is probably safest to run it in a brand new directory. Create a worktodo.txt file. Tell it how much memory to use and threads to run (Test/Worker threads dialog). Let it rip.

It should be good about reducing stage 2 memory use when both threads are running stage 2 at the same time. It is less good about switching back to max memory use when one ends stage 2. Let me know when you find any problems or have suggested improvements.
Will do.

Just to add my two cents...for normal usage, would a better strategy simply be to try to avoid having concurrent P-1 factoring? If Prime95 predicts that two tests will finish at the same time, it can take a break from one, perform a P-1 on the next test in the queue, then go back to the first test before the second test finishes.

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