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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
The exponent is still assigned to you. Maybe try unassigning it again?
Thanks. I seem to have got rid of it, although I would have liked to have done it, as there are no factors up to 2^80. But despite it is now not assigned to anyone, I can't get it for manual testing - I get a message

"Error text: No assignment available meeting CPU, program code and work preference requirements, cpu_id: 2399764, cpu # = 0, user_id = 244634"

Yet for some strange reason, asking for a 100 million digit candidate to test, I get allocated a larger one! I can't really see the logic of that.

I'm now doing 332646233

which is larger, and has not been tested for factors of 2^77 or greater. Testing a smaller number, which had been tested for more factors seemed more likely to find a prime to me.
I'm quite puzzled how the assignments are given out. Why should I not have the resources to do a certain size exponent, but have them to do a larger one?

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