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Default Why can't I extend something that's certain to not complete in time?

Maybe I am stupid, but I set up a manual assignment to do a LL test with an exponent of 332,311,079

According to my CPU screen, this has been running one day, completed 1.5%, and will take 94 days to complete. However, according to the "Assignment Expiration Details", this will expire in 60 days. I have tried to extend the expiration date, but every time I do this, the server reports it has done it, but it is still shown as expiring in 60 days. It's clear I can't complete this in 60 days. 120 days should give me long enough, which does not seem an excessively long time given the exponent is large. See screenshots

User 'yangyang6666' attempted this exponent before. It was assigned in 2016, he/she got 34% done 9 months later, and then let it expire in 2020. So yangyang6666 had it for 4 years, but I am limited to 60 days, which is too short.

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