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Originally Posted by bbb120 View Post
so it is impossible for me to get f118 factor without GPU at present ?
I have no GPU ,I only have CPU
There is an important consideration: a factor can only be found if it exists in the "range of possible to find". (You seem to think that there are factors everywhere, that programs just produce them like pancakes if you run them for a while. But they don't, the factors are very rare. People who find them invariably use extra knowledge - they know where to search to improve chances of "winning the lottery".)

What if there is no factor of F118 to be found with this century's technology? Then you can set up your program on a hundred computers, press some buttons and wait for a 100 years and nothing will be found - because it isn't there. Maybe the next factor of F118 is (a 49-digit number)*2^120 + 1. Or maybe (a 79-digit number)*2^120 + 1, then what?
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