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Originally Posted by bbb120 View Post
I want to his hardware´╝ü
Go here and rent a node. It will not be very different. x86_64 GNU/Linux, Xeon 8xxx CPU @ 3.00 - 3.40 GHz or similar. Maybe newer, maybe slightly older. It doesn't matter much.
Originally Posted by bbb120 View Post
...,but it works very slow on my computer with one elliptic curve ,how long did he cost to get that factor ?
my pc computer Windows 7 64bit, what is his hardware ?
Saying that you don't have a computer is not acceptable in 2020. You always do, everyone does. Sure, it will cost you 1 or 2 or 20 bucks. But so will an evening at a bar, or renting a car if you don't have one.
Just like with a car, saying 'but I don't know how to drive it' (or 'I don't know how to use EC2') is unacceptable in 2020. Learn! Pick up a book, watch a YT video, take a coursera course.
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