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i am doing a 120 digit gnfs with and i have sieved to such a high q 5000000 that sieving is beggining to slow down and i still dont have enought relations i think this is becuse i set it to use gnfs-lasieve4I12e instead of changing to gnfs-lasieve4I13e like it suggested
to rectify my mistake can i just stop the script and change it to sieve on the rational side which has an equal size factorbase size
if i do that i think that i will have to reduce the q value back to where it started from do i just need to change the job file to make the script change to a lower q, do i have to change gnfs.log or is there anything else tthat i need to change
also does anyone know how many duplicates will be found by sieving on both sides
the parameters for the factization are:
n: 164662226981356372690290697081101223039515396404303411217671854407296529397066908531205522349477673086175341704695478399
c5: 600
c4: -2482582436
c3: -524462069639414
c2: 491993485807382001721
c1: 37023560929310523276836154
c0: -13433130680701991004186914629800
Y1: 2257845554887
Y0: -193951316015185993925111
skew: 478166.41
rlim: 4500000
alim: 4500000
lpbr: 27
lpba: 27
mfbr: 50
mfba: 50
rlambda: 2.4
alambda: 2.4
should i now change to gnfs-lasieve4I13e or will that not be necessary to find enough relations
i have so far found about 4.5 mil relations and i need about 3mil realations getting past msieve's singleton remover currently 272k rels get through it
any help would be be much appreciated

i have done some tests and it appears that u find more relations in the same time if mfbr and mfba are 54 rather than 50 do i just change that in the job file

i have a habit of being over wordy and not making myself understood
please ask questions if something i have said confuses u
before people start asking what the number is it is RHP585_70
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