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Originally Posted by KEP View Post
Good to hear. I'm not sure how srbsieve and srsieve handles the squared k's, but other than that, I can see that you have to go through 15 phases and the highest you have to sieve is: p=78,267,000 for (at most) 31458 k's. I'm not sure how fast your core is, but the sieving aswell as the running towards n=2500 could complete very fast. Sure am looking forward to see you estimation of completion
I completed k's from 1 to 1M to n=2500 in 100 thread-hours on an old laptop, so I'm comfortable I have the patience to get R400 to 10k. I'll run srbsieve on the laptop in blocks of a few milllion k's, with surviving k's moved to a desktop to sieve and test n=2500-10000. I'm playing with srbsieve sieve & phase settings, so I may find some more speed; I'm trying 5 phases this time rather than 4 last time, for instance. 15 is far too many! Also, I sieve deeper than 78e6 on the last two phases; perhaps I'll try a bit less sieving to see if overall speed improves.

I expect 100-120 days to reach 2500, and less than twice that to reach 10,000.
I'll update when I get halfway to 2500.

There are about 5000 k's left from the first 1 million; with the conjecture just over 20M, I expect just under 100,000 k's left at n=2500 for the entire base.
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