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Originally Posted by MisterBitcoin View Post
Reserving k-range >125G up to n=750K.
Said range is now at n=940K with uhm 7 primes found so far. It should reach 1M in about 2 months. Primes are:
125011623424*3^536110+1 is prime!
125046722746*3^542844+1 is prime!
125023497122*3^550124+1 is prime!
125033255936*3^690611+1 is prime!
125026898182*3^751689+1 is prime!
125000536756*3^774704+1 is prime!
125035448126*3^933576+1 is prime! (445441 decimal digits)
Last one sadly little too small to get into TOP5000.

Res will be sent once i reach 1M^^

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