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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
Can somebody elaborate what stage 0 is?
Stage 1 of P-1 is implemented in two steps, a fast(er) Stage 0 and a slow(er) regular Stage 1.

The current stage 0 limit is about 13.3M. If your B1 is < 13.3M, you already run the entire Stage 1 using the faster stage 0 logic. If your B1 > 13.3M, then all the small primes up to 13.3M is handled using stage 0 logic and everything above 13.3M is handled using the slower stage 1 logic. One side effect of this is that, the % completed will jump by different amounts during status updates. Initially, it will be advancing x% every status update, and then suddenly it will drop to x/1.5 % after stage 0 is done.
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