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Default PrimeNet error 7: Invalid parameter

Hello all.

I am trying to set up mprime on a quad socket-quad core (Xeon E7440) machine which will be idle for some months now.

However, both version 25.9 and 25.11 are unable to communicate with the server:

[Comm thread Jul 22 09:31] PrimeNet error 7: Invalid parameter
[Comm thread Jul 22 09:31] parameter m: Invalid int value/precision '129003'
[Comm thread Jul 22 09:31] Visit for help.
[Comm thread Jul 22 09:31] Will try contacting server again in 1 minute.

prime.log shows roughly the same information. Reconnects to the server gives the same error message.

This on Linux-64 bit CentOS v5.2 using the 64-bit builds of mprime.
Johan Seland, PhD
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