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My board is an ASUS P4P800 DELUXE socket 478. I have 2X512 of OCZ premium RAM. PS is a 430W Thermaltake. I am running 6 disk drives, 2 burners, 1 XG audigy sound card, 1 Hauppauge MCE-500 dual tuner card. I updated my BIOS a week ago which this problem came up thinking that maybe this was a problem. I am on BIOS 1019 right now. ASUS says it supports the 3.4EE since BIOS 1012, so I am a few releases past.

The only thing that lets me run prime95 blend is a "repaired" clone of my regular drives (see orig. post). ALL OTHER TESTS/COMBINATIONS give me the dreaded BSOD after about 2 sec after starting blend.

Hence, something deep down in XP doesn't like writing that 1.05G page file at the start of the test.

I think I'll swap in my 3.4EE and see what happens on the repaired clone XP. I am pretty confident it will work now.

BTW, what is the MAX loaded temp I should allow for the 3.4EE proc??? My 2.8C runs at 41C max under full load for hours, but I don't know what to expect from this chip.
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