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Originally Posted by john6205 View Post
I don't know what this means or how to do it. "but you could mount the different registry hives in your working installation".
Start Regedit, position yourself in one of the hives : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for instance. Go to the menu "File/Load Hive". You have to chose a registry file now, go to the "Windows/System32/Config" directory of your old disk and chose System (naming it "old_system" for instance), do the same with software. Go to the hive HKEY_Users and load the user registry from your old disk : Document and Settings/USERPROFILE and chose NTUSE.DAT, give it a name (Old_User for instance.)

Now you can rescan your system for malware. When done do not forget to unload the hives you loaded (menu "File/Unoad Hive".)

This is not garanteed to find something. First of all a lot of malware scanners only look at well defined and predeterrmined places. Second, what could have happened is a change of some setting in the hardware from an "optimiser site" (a lof of incorrect hints are available on Internet.) Then a driver may have been updated wrongly or could have been corrupted.

Since you do not have a log of what repair has done (or undone) it is difficult to diagnose.

And since you had the same problems after swapping the CPU back it definitely seems to pint to the XP installation.

Anyway after 3 years it is time to do a fresh install of windows and all programs. (Reinstalling every 6 month is more reasonable if you experiment a bit with programs or let "experienced" or inexperienced people use your computer :-(

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