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Default Windows XP BSOD Prime95 Blend Test - Paging Problem???

Ok, first time post! Here's a weird one! Rig - 2.8C, 1G OCZ, Raid0 sata raptor, p4p800 deluxe

I have a 3+ y/o XP install off the factory disk. FULLY UPDATED WITH LATEST FROM M$. Back 3+years ago, I ran Prime torture test blend for 24+ hrs to test stability, and passed np. Machine has been running fine and seemed stable until maybe 6 months ago, when my kids messed around during the day, and I came into "system has recovered from a serious error" in my account at night. No lasting effects it seemed... Anyways, I last week upgraded my proc from a 2.8C to an EBAY purchased 3.4EE, and ran Sandra memory test - BSOD after about 2 sec. I then ran prime blend torture test - BSOD after 2 sec. OK no problem, must be a problem with the new processor, right?? Time to start the swap and test routine....

1. Aggessive timings with the 3.4EE? Go to stock - prime 95 blend test - BSOD after 2 sec. Back off on all memory timings to max 3-4-4-8, fsb to 266, proc. multiplier to 9 on the 3.4EE - prime95 blend - BSOD after 2 sec.
2. Curiously enough, the other 2 prime tests start and run at stock settings??!!
3. New Proc. must be bad... Swap 2.8 back in - test blend - BSOD after 2 sec.
4. Memory probs? test 1 stick - blend, BSOD after 2 sec., test other stick same way, BSOD after 2 sec. Different slots? SAME. MEMTEST86 perfect for 24+ hrs with both sticks in.
5. Driver conflict? Pull all PCI cards. - blend, BSOD after 2 sec. BOOT into XP safe mode, - blend, BSOD after 2 sec.
6. HD bad? Clone HD from raid0 SATA to old IDE thats laying around. Disconnect SATA drives, and start messing around with the clone - blend, BSOD after 2 sec.
7. PS BAD? I don't think so because I BSOD at exactly the same place each time. I don't have one to swap.
8. XP install broken??? It seems so... I noticed that it seems at the start of the blend test XP writes a 1.05G page file on my work pc, and then starts crunching numbers. At home on my problem machine, it BSOD's when it tries to write that file in the first 2 sec of the test....
9. OK let's fix XP and test again. Get out "gold" XP disk and run "repair installation" on it. After repair, at stock setting with the 2.8 proc, I am able to start and run prime95 blend and it has been running for over 4+ hrs with no errors!!

DEFINITELY AN XP PROBLEM. Seems to be some sort of conflict with the paging functionality of XP or something...

Problem solved? Why am I writing this? I am hoping that someone else knows what is wrong with my original XP installation, and I can just fix a setting or something, instead of having to live with a repair installation of XP on my cloned drive. Windows repair made prime95 torture test blend work, so my hardware seems ok, but hosed up about a dozen other software related things that I don't feel like fixing.

Anybody know how to tackle this one? I feel pretty confident a clean XP install would work too, and maybe that isn't an all bad idea, but when you get your machine set up, it's always a pain to redo everything. I'd like to fix my original install if possible.
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