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Default cant requesting assignment

hi guys, i just get an AMD64, which is a 3500+, only one core, but still, it rocks.

i've started the client on windows XP, everything seems to be fine, then when i switch to debian AMD64, things are not well for NFSnet.

i get this

troy:/home/junky/NFSNET# ./nfsnetclient
05:44:04 NFSNET Client - $Revision: 1.17 $
05:44:04 Initializing...
05:44:04 Initialized.
05:44:04 Requesting assignment...
05:44:04 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 10 seconds.
Last message was:
05:44:14 Requesting assignment...
05:44:14 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 20 seconds.
Last message was:
05:44:34 Requesting assignment...
05:44:34 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 40 seconds.
Last message was:
05:45:14 Requesting assignment...
05:45:14 RequestAssignment() failed, sleeping for 80 seconds.
Last message was:


Any suggestion to fix that issue?
i've run nfsnetinit before, and this is the same file im running on my 32 bits machines.

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