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Sacrifice which pawn?
No, 22 Rxf6 Rfc8 [B]23 Rf2[/B]. The h6-pawn is not more important than our rook. If they waste a tempo before shutting the knight-door, we just move our rook back.

No, we haven't; our position has lots of strength.

I agree that our position is still strong here, and black's pieces are placed like mersenne primes, one here one there :razz:.

By "sacrifice" I mean the h6 pawn, which is tempting there, but after black Nf5 we have to lose moves to secure the bishop, and he develops pieces. However, 23.Rf2 is weaker, what do we reply to 23...Nf5 in this case? We can't bet the pawn anymore, we can move the bishop (where? c1? d2? what we do after he pushes 24...h5? how do we attach? we are forced to defend, we lost the sente) or not move the bishop (even worse, 24.Rd2, Nxe3 25 Nxe3 Bb7 and we are in for trouble on the queen flank)

[QUOTE=cheesehead;366679]In particular, Black has weakness on rank 6.
Very well spotted. The question is how can we fructify it. You made your point very well. I understand this. Maybe Rxf6 is the best solution. I only don't like the thing that black has a "respiro" after the rook move, he is not forced to move that horse, and he may chose his own path to make our life miserable, in case we missed something.

Here's a scenario:
20 ... O-O 21 Nf6+ Bxf6 22 Rxf6 Nxe5 23 dxe5 Nf5 24 Be4 and here if Black moves anything except the knight we proceed with 25 Bxf5 gxf5 26 Rxh6 and we're a whole piece up. Or if 24 ... Kg7, then 25 Bxf5 gxf5 26 Bxh6+ snares even more material. Also, we then threaten to form a mating net by Nf2-g4-f6. Black can capture a pawn on the Q-side, but he can't promote any of his pawns fast enough to save his king.[/QUOTE]That is wonderful, except that Nxe5 will only be played in a blitz game, and only if the player is drunk. That is a terrible move for black. Why should they give a horse for free? In a game where a few people think for a week, they will play 22...Rf8c8 or 22...Kg7.

Let's see their reply to 20 first, than we can argue more, but I still see exf6 being better that Rxf6. The last has so many unknowns, in spite of the fact that it can be [U]strategically[/U] better (here you almost convinced me :P), is the [U]tactical[/U] part (or better, its unknown side) what I am afraid of.

[B][U]If[/U][/B] they play our game with 20 and 21, then either we can convince each-other for the 22, or we will have to let WMH to decide... Of course, if he does not have a better move, which we both, in our pride to fight each-other, did completely missed it :razz:

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