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I'm sorry I didn't get back here sooner.

[QUOTE=LaurV;359862]They may move Nd5, which is actually not a bad move, and I will come to it later,[/QUOTE]I don't see where you analyze after 15 ... Nd5.

[quote]Nf5, which in fact is not a bad move (see above, Nd5)[/quote]But I don't see where you actually set forth a continuation after 15 ... Nd5

How about 16 Bf2 to keep the bishop, then 16 ... O-O or whatever 17 Ne3 ?

[quote]That is why I put Nf5 together with Nd5, because in both cases, if we beat the pawn, his best move would be to beat the bishop first, Nxe3. This continues with (I think is 17.)Nxe3, white, to be clear,[/quote]So, you're looking at

15 ... Nd5 16 exd6 Nxe3 17 Nxe3

[quote] and again they have no move,[/quote]Maybe 17 ... O-O

[quote]we can do [18] Re1 (prepare for [19] Nd5, he can't capture because the link[/quote] unless 17 ... or 18 ... O-O first

[quote]15. e5 - 5 points
[/quote]I think that would have been my vote, too.
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