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Originally Posted by T.Rex View Post
...If you eliminate Ns such that <<...>>, and then if you eliminate Ns such that <<...>>, I no more find pseudoprimes.
If you eliminate more and more, finally you simply get yourself in an illusory environment when you can no longer find counterexamples, -- and so what? It simply means that no one is willing to find them, but they are still there, only larger.

Compare it with the way this thread went,
and on to

This is long ago and well described by A.A. Milne as the character of Tigger.
Tigger first claims: 'Tiggers eat evertyhing'.
After being presented with honey, he "improves" his theory to 'Tiggers eat evertyhing except honey'.
After being presented with acorns, he further "improves" his theory to 'Tiggers eat evertyhing except honey and acorns'.
Can you blame anyone for not taking him all too seriously after that?
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