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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
7. In the space below all the programs, type in 'CRUS' for the project, your sieving software (srsieve for team drives), and other software that helped find the prime. Separate each selections by a comma. (Note if you used LLR to find a probable prime and then PFGW to prove the prime, select OpenPFGW at the top and then type in LLR as additional software at the bottom. Each program will get half credit.)
I just noticed this part in the first post of this thread, where it instructs users to credit their primes as LLR and PFGW for top-5000 primes on a non-power-of-2 base. Actually, because LLR's code for non-k*2^n+-1 numbers is taken directly from PRP, users should enter "PRP" under additional software, not LLR, if LLR only found a probable prime. In fact, LLR will instruct users to do so with a note in the lresults.txt file--it will say "such-and-such is a probable prime. Please credit George Woltman's PRP for this result!". Also, according to the top-5000 site, when you list multiple programs in a prover-code, they all get full credit, not half credit as this thread says--this is done to encourage reporting of all programs involved.

So, I fixed it just now to reflect this--hope nobody minds.

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