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From the discussion so far I like the most the following two:

1) We name it now "Riesel Prime Search" and when/if we find our 100th prime we add "Great" at the beginning. [BTW, does anybody know when George Waltman started GIMPS was it named so from the beginning, or was "Great" added later?]

2) "Special Riesel Prime Search" (or "Specialized" ?), as we concentrate on special k's, either high or low weight, and small k's.

Can you please comment (vote?) on the above two, propose something completely new, or repeat (insist on) an earlier proposed name.

It will be nice if can decide on this by 8 a.m. EST (1300GMT) on Monday because we already have a prime, not reported yet, that can be reported using the new project name on Monday morning. (Assuming that I can contact prof. Caldwell by that time.)

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