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Originally Posted by Lexicographer View Post
Though I still think it would be nice if PrimeNet manual testing page did not assign tasks of different type than I asked for.
PrimeNet also won't assign pointless work, now or in the future. If you want to do pointless work, I suggest setting the nearest bundle of cash on fire.

So it can either 1) assign nothing at all, with an error message, which is admittedly probably the better choice or 2) assign a similar worktype with the same purpose, which is what it did. If you want factors of M1277, that's how you get factors. (Either that or pay several thousand dollars to the right people to run SNFS on it.)

Originally Posted by Lexicographer View Post
As for this exponent, mfaktc, which I planned to use, doesn't even support trial factoring for exponents lower than 100K. As well as non-prime exponents for some reason (I wanted to overcome the 100K limit by trial factoring M163456 = M(27*1277), which is a product of M1277, and looking if there are any new factors between 2113601438322189019 < 2^65 and 2^80 < 1227156720026097481648213, both of which are consecutive factors of M163456).
mfaktc doesn't support nonprime exponents because the basic rules which it relies on don't apply to nonprime exponents (or rather only apply to the parts which are prime exponents), namely that if p is prime, then factors of 2^p-1 are of the form 2kp+1 for some integer k.

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