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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
A large research university. It's a fantastic job, although it doesn't pay particularly well compared to software jobs in the private sector.
Were you like a tenured professor doing your own research or something?

Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
Sometimes it’s not all about the money. You need to do something that is not against your nature, something that makes you proud and happy.
Yeah, I'm trying to find what I'll enjoy most. Just about every STEM field pays a decent salary, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Would a gap year program or something similar be in my interests? If I apply to colleges for the 2019 fall semester, the grades from my senior year won't be on my transcript yet and I won't have been able to make up my classes. I also have basically 0 extracurricular activities, so spending a couple months volunteering somewhere would look good on my resume or something. I'm guessing that, by delaying my schooling for a year, I'll have a better shot at better financial aid at better colleges. Any thoughts?

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