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If you are doing classes at a CC that required GE classes while still in HS, the Uni's can see that you are serious and it can raise your standing outside of standardized testing (because it shows that you are earnest in your efforts [while it will also relieve pressure on their GE classes). If the F's are in classes that you are retaking, you may not complete them before applications are due. So they may not fully disappear. But any summer CC courses will be complete by the time that applications are due (and maybe fall classes). They will show that you are ready for college level work.

I live in the general area of 2 of the best CC's around (1 is a top ten national school, the other is the #1 in transfers to the state Uni system.) The stories of the benefit of CC's are all over in this area. There are several well known individuals that went to the CC that I went to. Some of them went on to Uni's and from there to great things. Also, it is close enough to a major institution, such that grad students from there would teach at the CC. We also got visits from Noble laureates that were just down the road at the big school.
Sounds good enough! Though I wish our local CC was notable in any way, no one visits or anything like that

Just need to figure out what to major in, then I can make a more concrete choice of colleges. Any aerospace engineers, architects, or computer scientists/professional coders around here?
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