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Default Upload instructions

Here are instructions on how to upload your relations:
Originally Posted by mdettweiler
Instructions as follows will show how to use it with the built-in "ftp" command line program that comes with all Windows and Linux systems; feel free to adapt them as necessary for use with other FTP programs.

-Open a command prompt/terminal window and type the following command:

-ftp will ask for a username. Type "aliquot" (capitals as shown, no quotes) and press Enter.

-ftp will ask for a password. Type "aqupload-4788" (capitals as shown, no quotes) and press Enter.

-ftp will now output the following:
230 Login successful.

-Type "cd c138-relations" and press Enter.

-Type "binary" and press Enter.

-Now type the following command:
put relations.gz
...replacing "relations.gz" with the name (and, if necessary, pathname) of the compressed relations file you're uploading. Tip: navigate to the directory your relations file(s) are in *before* starting the FTP command, so you don't have to type long and clumsy file paths in your "put" commands for each file you upload.

-Wait until the file's finished uploading. Depending on the size of the file, it may take a while; please note that ftp doesn't show any progress or status info until the upload has completed, so it can appear to be "frozen" if you haven't used ftp before.

-Verify that your file's made it to the server by typing the command "ls" and seeing if your file shows up in the directory listing that results. If you see, it, you're all set!

-Type "quit" and press Enter. Close the command prompt/terminal window.

Some of you may have your own personal favorite GUI-based FTP program that you'd rather use than the command-line "ftp" application that I've used in my above instructions. In that case, simply tell your program to connect to server (port 21, the default) and log in as user aliquot with password aqupload-4788, and upload your relations files to the c138-relations directory.


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