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Thanks for all the info, everyone.

Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
That rather surprises me, since a K80 card is specified as having 4992 cores, so you're getting 1/6 of it (and, as you say the timings double when you go to >416 curves, 1/12 of it).

(though my 1080Ti is specified as 3584 cores and runs 1792 curves at a time, so there's a small constant factor there in any case)
I've run nvidia-smi to see what I've been assigned, but it hasn't shown me core count, that I can recognize, anyway. When I run ECM with it enabled, it tells me 832 cores as default, which is supposed to be saturation. Can a GPU serve others at the same time I'm using the 832? I kind of thought not.

I think one of the times I got a P100, it showed 4000+ with my ECM run. Since I only get two Xeon cores to back up all the GPU stage 1s, unless I pull the residues off, it's kind of less than ideal to run much in a GPU-ECM Colab session.
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