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Originally Posted by fivemack View Post
The size of the candidate shouldn't have any effect on the stage 1 GPU time - I believe the ECMGPU code uses fixed-size integers. 40 minutes sounds maybe more plausible for 11e6.
It's quite possible it was 11e6, now that you mention it. I think at the time I was checking different values, 11e3, 11e4, 11e5, etc. I might have gotten mixed up, but I was rather certain that I had made note that the 11e7 stage 1 on the GPU Colab instance took longer at 40 minutes than the ecmpi runs locally at 35 minutes. Hmm, maybe I stopped it at 40 minutes, because it took longer. My memory is really great, but for too short a spell. Always a jab to remind me to keep better notes. . .
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