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Originally Posted by science_man_88 View Post
okay that's about 6.086956 picojoules per instruction by my math so at full instruction speed in theory I get about 10.834782 joules used per second ( aka watts) but other than running multiple tests LL isn't parallelizable so it's only use might be TF or some other thing done in parallel.
Do you really believe that figure?

The raw data is 0.7W and 115e9 instructions per second. All we can take away from that is that the power draw lies between 0.75 and 0.65W, with the performance lying between 114.5e9 and 115.5e9 ips.

Thus all we can conclude is that the energy per instruction lies somewhere between 0.65/115.5e9 and 0.75/114.5 pJ, or between 5.6pJ and 6.6pJ.

IOW, there's a good chance that not even the first digit you quote is correct. Why, then, do you state nine digits? That amount of precision is total BS.
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