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I have changed the lowest 9 of our k=1125 primes from "new" to "confirmed". I also corrected the % of new primes. In coming up with the list for previoiusly found primes that I show in the 1st post here, I used the pages at the beginning of the drive because the primes are all currently non-top-5000. I incorrectly assumed that Karsten had already entered all former top-5000 primes for the range. Bad assumption...the range is so huge that he was still working on it. Correct me if I'm wrong there Karsten.

It was too time-consuming to check all k's for recently added former top-5000 primes but I did spot-check a large group of them for changes since the beginning of the drive with only k=1125 coming up different.

k=1125 is a super heavy-weight with 13 former top-5000 primes in the n=50K-200K range plus 9 more new primes found by us for an amazing 22 primes in that range! Nice job of filling those holes folks.

A quick review of Karsten's nicely designed 7th drive page here shows that for the limit of k that he has completed on the page, k=1679, the 2nd place k=1365 is a distant 2nd place with 14 primes in the range. k=1125 is a true monster for the range of k=1005-1679!

Karsten, if you add any more former top-5000 primes to your pages for k=1005-2000/n=50K-200K such that it would change our primes from new to confirmed before this drive ends, please let me know and I'll correct things again in the 1st post here.


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