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Default Queue management for e_small and 15e queues

It's time for a new queue thread!
I grouped e_small and 15e together because the queue maintainers can more easily decide which 15e queue to send to, and requestors need only decide which siever is fastest.

Guidelines for e_small versus 15e (subject to change):

Jobs clearly faster on 14e can still go to the d queue; if there is any doubt whether 14e or 15e is faster, post them here for e_small.

Candidates for e_small should use lims no higher than 134M and Q-range no more than 170M (example: 30M-200M).

Candidates for 15e should use lims no higher than 200M, per Greg's request, to keep memory use low. Unequal lim's that average 200M should use similar memory and are OK.

If you post a job in this thread, it is assumed you test-sieved with 15e.

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