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[QUOTE=cheesehead;376214]< snip >

If [B]33 Nxc8[/B]

If [B]33 ... Nxc8 [/B][strike][B]34 Bh3[/B]

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[/QUOTE]There's a different move 34 for us that's superior to 34 Bh3 here:

If [B]33 ... Nxc8 [U]34 Bc6+[/U][/B] Not a sacrifice (it's just deflect-the-defender), but pretty anyway -- it forces either one or two piece trade-downs.

If [B]34 ... Kxe6 35 Rxc8[/B] threatening [B]36 B-moves[/B] and [B]37 Rxc3[/B]. Even if only one piece-trade, this increases the relative value of our material advantage.
If [B]34 ... Kxc6 35 Rxc8+[/B] and [B]36 Rxc3[/B] with two trade-downs of pieces. Then, with all bishops off the board, we really get to show our rook's superiority over Black's remaining knight as we clean away all of Black's counter-chances.

- - -

Just to be formal about it:
If [B]33 Nb5[/B] -- [strike]THIS PART NOT YET FINISHED[/strike][/QUOTE][B]33 Nb5[/B] -- turns out to be no good because Black has a real zinger of a reply:

If [B] 33 ... Be5[/B] Black now attacks both our rook and N/e6. We have only one move that both saves the rook and protects the N/e6:

[B]34 Rb6[/B]

But then Black brings back his N/d2 to attack our rook again:

[B]34 ... Nc4[/B]

Now, our rook has no safe square -- it can be captured on any square it can move to, as well as be captured where it sits.

So, this line ([B]33 Nb5[/B]) for us is busted!

- - -

Now, there's just one more incomplete analysis branch ([B]38 ... Nb3 39[/B] ???, after [B]38 Ra7[/B], in the [B]33 ... Kxe6[/B] line) to finish off, to demonstrate the superiority of [B]33 Nxc8[/B] (and let us coast for a few moves on our already-done analysis).

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