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Here is a version using GMP library to calculate CRT offsets, so it can go beyond maxprime 101:

No real maximum now, but it gets messy. I tested at the 1700 interval and already at maxprime=73 there are 11.5K solutions with minimum+2 and it finds more and more solutions if you continue to run min, min+1 and min+2 to higher values.
What is the best maxprime for 1700 interval? Then I can provide some CRT offsets, I did a full run to maxp=37 and ran the best solutions higher, but I'm not going to use them for any prime gap search.

I do not think we want to save min+3 and min+4 solutions like you suggested. I tested at 1700 maxp=29 and 1250 maxp=31 and there were 4.5K / 11K min+3 solutions and 25K / 111K min+4 solutions and running all those would take a very long time, and that would just give too many solutions at higher maxprimes.

I changed the way it resumes from earlier file. Instead of running it 2-3 times with the min value, min+1, min+2, you just run it once with the minimum value: (example 1700 maxp 37 minimum 231 running it to maxp=59):
primeinterval.exe 59 primeinterval1700-37.txt 231

It will test all the 231 solutions first and then continue automatically with the 232 solutions and 233 solutions and you can stop it at any time with CTRL+C if it takes too long, and use the best it found so far in the primeinterval1700-59.txt file.

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