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If these results only came from manual clients and they all start with "Mxxx has a factor" then the LIKE clause could be LIKE 'M%TF%' which is actually a lot faster.
At least based on that assumption (they start with "Mxxx") there are 1220 such entries incorrectly listed as F-PM1 instead of factored by TF

There are 21 incorrectly listed as F-ECM instead of TF.

Drat... I say "drat" because although those can be fixed, I just did that thing to dump the result messages to XML files and if any data cleanup is done I'd need to regenerate it so it has the corrected data. Maybe I can spit out a list of dates where data changed and only re-run the XML dump for those rather than every day going back to 2007. :)

EDIT: I found a few more by looking for "LIKE 'U%TF%'" for entries that have "UID:" in the result text. 2 more ECM and 260 more PM1.
EDIT 2: Never mind ... those other ones just happened to have "TF" in the user or computer name. :) Obviously before any were corrected I'd eyeball them to make sure the LIKE didn't match spurious entries, or refine it to 'M%[TF:%' just to be sure.

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